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Amelia Rigel

2024 Shooting Guard


GPA 3.5


Brookfield Academy, #1

1 on 1 Milwaukee Navy Team, #12

Majors that interest me:

Health Science, Biology, Spanish

Extracurricular Activities:

Spanish Club

Volunteering at Youth

Basketball Clinics


Personal Statement :

My name is Amelia Rigel, and I am a junior shooting guard at Brookfield Academy.  I was born in New York City and I now live in Brookfield, Wisconsin.  I want to play basketball at a college that fits my academic needs and athletic goals, and I am open to exploring any college in the country that is a good fit for me and the school.  

On the court, my strengths are my 3-point shooting, aggressiveness, work ethic, leadership and the positive energy I bring to my teammates and coaches.  Off the court, I work hard in the classroom, and I am resilient and have overcome a lot of obstacles that have made me into the person and player I am today.  

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